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Giveaway of the Day

Giveaway of the Day

Cookbook+Calendar is a scheduler, that enables to plan a menu, a diet or a dinner party, and to store recipes.

Posted: 19 Feb 2011 12:00 AM PST

Cookbook+CalendarCookbook+Calendar is a scheduler, that enables to plan a menu, a diet or a dinner party, and to store recipes. A handy tool for those who want to manage meal planning calendar quickly and easily, it will be essential for grocery and restaurant managers, for sportsmen and those who keep to a diet, and for all those who enjoy cooking.

Cookbook+Calendar is designed to be a recipe database and to help with planning a menu or a diet. The software supports most of the formats, including HTML, which makes saving recipes extremely easy. Just save it as is, drag and drop it directly into the appropriate time slot – and it is in the database! Flexible options allow customizing the calendar and copying events or changing the date. It also supports adding pictures, comments to the recipe and information for glossaries.

Cookbook+Calendar will provide you with the list of holidays, and it will remind you when you should start cooking dinner. What's more, with it you can create shopping list reminders. The program features search by recipe name and also by main ingredients, which means that it is always ready to suggest you a recipe for the products available in the fridge. Cookbook+Calendar supports exporting recipes of any format and saving them on USB, so you can easily share your favorite recipes with your friends and mates.


Band Groupie said…
Catching up here...I'm so sorry for your loss, and for your weekend in Hell! How horrible, and I hope you sue them all! If that didn't make you more depressed, I don't know what would!

Hope things start turning around...thinking of you! ((hugs))
Lena Austin said…
Hey, BG! I've had to drop a lot of balls since December. I'm working full time now (still in the first 90 days of trial period, but I remain hopeful.)

I decided not to sue, but I'll definitely have words with the shrink when I finally am able to make the appointment.

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