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New Year's Eve Cocktail-- Caramel Martini

Image had this recipe, and it looked so good I thought I’d share. I don’t normally drink, but if you want to toast the New Year, this looks good. Besides, 149 calories and 0 carbs? I can get behind this for one little drink.Caramel MartiniSource: Cooking.comActive Time:  5 MinutesTotal Time:  5 MinutesMakes 1 cocktail
Remove Image"We have a young, hip crowd and a relaxed, after-dinner loft atmosphere," says John Baydale, who, as vice president of WB Stage 16, which operates the Venetian, helped develop the cocktail. "And I have a sweet tooth. This is a drink that can stand in for dessert."

INGREDIENTS1/4 cup chilled Stolichnaya vanilla vodka2 tablespoons chilled butterscotch schnappsSplash of chilled iced tea6 ice cubesFried sliced plantainDIRECTIONSShake all ingredients except plantain in cocktail shaker until shaker is frosted and very cold. Strain into one 8-ounce martini glass. Garnish by laying fried plantain across glass and serve immedi…