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Spiced Fruit Cups

A little something that could replace that craving for a cinnamon bun, if my cinnamon bun shakes don't work. Can't to take this to work.

Close Enough to Ice Cream

I love ice cream. It's my Kryptonite. This recipe keeps me from losing my mind and breaking my diet on a hot summer's day when everyone around me is enjoying the sweet, creamy and forbidden dessert I crave.

Hint: Syrupy happens in less than an hour in my fridge! Don't panic if you let it sit until it's firm. Just sit the pan or freezing tray in hot water for a few minutes until it's back to syrupy.

Crown Jewel Desserts

One of the best and spectacular desserts. You can make this on a theme simply by changing the flavors and colors.

Bavarian Desserts

I've posted about this recipe before, but never the full monte all at once. I love this dessert. Because the recipe was published before Cool Whip, it doesn't mention that convenience. However, a low carb dieter knows that sometimes doing it "old school" and whipping some whipping cream to stiff peaks beats everything. (Pun intended.) 
The "jewels" for the Crown Jewel Bavarian will be posted tomorrow when I post Crown Jewel Dessert. (Who says Jell-O is boring?) 

Hawaiian Dessert

Sorry the recipe scanned crooked. Anyway, here's some updated hints. This Jell-O recipe book has no date on it, but I'd guess before Cool Whip was invented in 1966. 

1. Crush the ice ahead of time. Use a blender if you have one powerful enough to crush ice. Crushing ahead of time gives you a more accurate measure. 

2. Set out 4-6 dessert dishes on a tray or cookie sheet. Feel free to chill them on the tray in the refrigerator to help the dessert set up faster, but it isn't necessary.

3.Measure all ingredients ahead of time. Put in ramekins, coffee cups, custard cups, whatever. It's better to be ready than to get halfway through and find out you don't have enough extract and the milk was sour.

4. Drain the pineapple in a glass measuring cup and add water to make it 3/4 cup. Microwave the liquid for a minute or two to get it hot.

5. Pour the drained pineapple into your food processor bowl or blender.

6. Add the hot to a bowl containing the Jell-O and stir until diss…

A Few Surprises and a Bariatric Change

For those who follow my blog, you probably noticed I dropped off the face of the earth and stopped posting for three months. There were two reasons. The first was that I got a job that demanded all my time and attention for awhile. I love my new job, and I'm very happy being an appeals specialist.

The second influences the nature of this blog. I had an endoscopy done after years of mysterious chest pains that were clearly not my heart. I have an ulcer and, most importantly, a "very large" hiatal hernia. I had also gained back everything I'd lost with the lap band and now weighed a shocking 290 lbs.

The hernia and an enlarged liver moved my band out of place and quite literally turned it on its side. The hernia and the band must come out ASAP. I'm scheduled for surgery in early August, and as soon as four weeks later (depending on how I heal) I will be back on the operating table for a gastric sleeve.

Like it or not, I'm now back on a very strict pre-surgery d…