Another FlyLady toy!

Woohoo!! I got the coolest "toy" for Mother's Day a week early! Anyone who knows me for more than a week, knows I love and the organizational tools therein. Today, I can add another "toy" from FlyLady to my list of "you gotta try this!" items-- The Rubba Sweepa.

Okay, I admit I was skeptical. Really, how great could a rubber-headed "broom" be? Brooms are brooms. You sweep with them. Not much to it, right? Wrong!! Brooms are a pain in the tush, and limited. They have to be somewhat tall, so they can't get under things easily. I never got my broom to reach all the way under my china cabinets, where the dust bunnies accumulated like tribbles on Star Trek. My broom never could get all the cat littler that accumulated around the litter box. I'd see a fine white-ish gray dust trail left behind and sweep until I gave up in frustration. Sweeping the entire house was even more of an exercise in frustration as the wind from my sweeping sent what I had managed to collect blowing all over the place. Then I'd have to fight to get the pitiful amount I'd collected into the dust pan. Yeah, good luck with that. I bopped myself on the head trying to use a broom and dust pan often enough to make me wince.

Then I saw FlyLady extolling the virtues of the new Rubba Sweepa, the long-handled "broom" version of my beloved Rubba Scrubba. Well, I do love my Rubba Scrubba. It really does help get things clean, especially the "weird" and hard to clean, like my lampshades. I thought long and hard, watching the testimonials pile up of how great the Rubba Sweepa was. I still resisted. After all, I had a nearly 100% carpeted house and had to vacuum weekly. A Rubba Sweepa seemed like an extravagance for "just" my kitchen.

Then I moved to a house with hardwood floors. The animal hair, no longer vacuumed up regularly, once again began to turn certain spots in my home into tribble factories. Between three cats and one large dog, I had a lot of hair laying around! Finally, I had to concede that I didn't like to sweep using a regular broom. I was tired of chasing the same small ball of dust while leaving a trail of un-harvested dirt behind. Reluctantly, I asked for a Rubba Sweepa, since I did love my Rubba Scrubba.

My Rubba Sweepa arrived today, one week early for Mother's Day. By this time, I was getting desperate to get rid of those pesky dust bunny balls. I assembled the Rubba Sweepa, still muttering, "How great could a friggin' broom be?"

How about awesome? How about waaay better than any broom I've ever owned? How about the only time I've ever swept my entire house in under fifteen minutes? How about having a hair-bunny the size of my cat in my dust pan? I'm --pardon the pun-- floored. Simply flabbergasted. I had fun sweeping!! I got under the china cabinets, under the rockers, under tables, and even around the cat box with no effort! No annoying "trail" of missed dirt I couldn't sweep into the dust pan, either. The Rubba Sweepa just made sweeping all my hardwood floors a joy! Yes, really.
I can't wait to try it on the screen porch tomorrow. It got too dark to do it tonight. Then I looked on the box. It can be used wet! Oh, wow!! How clean can you get? My head is exploding with ideas on how to use this Rubba Sweepa.

Lena Austin


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