Forgiving Myself and Literally Moving On

Okay, I confess. You haven't seen much of me lately because I've been naughty. I fell off the wagon and piled on ten pounds. Could I blame stress? Yeah, but the point is that no one put a gun to my head and made me eat more carbs. I did it.
I think the point is to forgive myself and get back on the bandwagon. There will be days like today (Thanksgiving) where I'll indulge. However, I can say no to certain things like mashed potatoes and dressing and say yes to things like more turkey. I had just a sliver of pumpkin pie instead of pigging out. For me, total denial means I get resentful and eventually defiant. Giving in to a little and having what I want in reasonable portions means I avoid a self-hating binge in secret later.
So, now I have to come up with strategies to increase my calorie burn when I can't control what I eat. That means increasing my exercise. That's as easy as getting out of the chair. I can take a walk or dance to my MP3 player. I can do a lot of dancing while I decorate and clean the house before guests arrive.
I'm also thinking rewards here. No, not being taken out to dinner if I lose ten pounds. No, something that keeps me going, like a trip to the zoo where I have to walk around. It's gotta be really special. DH has suggested we take up bowling. How much of our budget we can do is something I'll have to work on. Yeah, there's a good point-- budget in some reasonable fun. Going to the movies where I sit on my butt, drink carbonated sugar water and stuff myself with popcorn is self-defeating.
So, let's see who's paying attention. We have walks, bowling, and a trip to the zoo. What are your suggestions? Log on to my blog ( or email me at with your ideas. I'll throw in one of my Changeling ebooks for every ten viable suggestions.

Lena Austin


Anne Kane said…
I sympathize Lena,I've been "trying" to lose 20 lbs for a year now. It ain't as easy as it sounds! I joined a women's gym, which has certainly got me in shap, but didn't lose me any weight. Yet. I have Sassi, which means at least an hour of walking a day. I'm thinking of hauling the stationary bike back into the living room, and riding it while I watch TV. I think , though, that I"m going to have to cut out the snacks. Nothing else seems to work.

Good Luck!

Lena Austin said…
Thanks, Anne. I refuse to give up. Losing 100 lbs and quitting smoking had me feeling very, very good. Even though keeping on a diet at holiday time is very difficult, I think if I continue to do my best, I will eventually succeed or perhaps hold the line on further weight gains.
Ani said…
First off you are wonderful and it is hard to lose the last bit. I am now a stone overweight and fighting it tooth and crumpet. Getting off HRT is not helping either. For a daily suggestion..write for 5 pages the exercise: yoga, march in place, stretching then back to work.
Lena Austin said…
What a wonderful idea, Ani! You're right. I've a tendency for my rump to grow roots. I'll give that a try.
Anonymous said…
Make yourself some GOOD OL Vegetable soup and pig out on that! It works for me. I make a killer broccoli soup and OMG has saved my A__ __ a number of times. Be kind to yourself and take it one meal at a time.

Don't worry be HAPPY!! You have the band it will work for you if you work with it.

Thinking of you Best wishes imaluckydog Kathy

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