Another Hurdle to Jump

Thanks to my friend Cynnara Tregarth, I watched an online presentation about lap-band surgery called EMMI. Got several of my questions answered, and I feel reassured.

The only thing of concern is that most doctors ask that you quit smoking. That's a big one for me. While I quit after my hysterectomy, as soon as my nerves got bad I lit up again. I'm willing to try again, and called a quit line. (1-877-UCANNOW) This won't be easy, but I can try. I don't qualify for the free NRT patches because I have ongoing clinical depression. (Darn) Well, I didn't have the patches last time, either. Fine. I've still set a quit date for Sept 6. I'll ask the doc for a prescription for the patches when I see him on the 8th.

Other than that, EMMI gave me quite a bit of info I needed to know, like what the after care will be about, how long I'll be on liquids and soft foods before I eat normally, and what foods will be unwise to eat like rice. I won't miss most of them.

Coffee with cream will be an issue. I'm a coffee hound. However, hot tea is okay with a lap band, so I can substitute. That I can do. I'm going to miss coffee.

One thing that made me wrinkle my nose is the idea of one of the soft foods: pureed chicken. Like, baby food? EUWWW! I'd rather drink a protein drink that whirl a perfectly good bit of chicken in the food processor and choke it down. Uh...NO.

What's making me happy? The idea that I'll still be able to cook for my family, even the holiday stuff. Most "bandsters" tell me it is possible to have a tiny taste of the cookies, pies, and cakes I love to bake, but I won't want more than that little bitty teaspoon full. Yippee! I won't be totally deprived, just restricted. That's fine by me. A little nibble off Randy's plate will suit me down to the ground.

This is what I wanted from the lap-band surgery. I wanted a restriction, not a whole pile of no-nos. I can deal with a nibble, knowing more will make me sick. That makes over-indulging not worth worshiping of the porcelain god. (grin)


It's going to be a change. I'm not fond of the idea of pureed chicken. Oh, I'm SO not fond of that. But I've also talked to my doctor about using gravies or the natural liquid to help swallow tiny tiny pieces of meat. (I really hate the idea of puree)He said to take it slow add the juice used in cooking to puree it. It just has to be until your body gets used to it all.

All I know is that me and pureed bananas are happening. That and I best be able to have occasional mashed potatoes or I'll cry. I'll just cry.
Lena Austin said…
Maybe I'll get desperate enough to puree my food, but right now my stomach churns at the thought.

I'd rather have yogurt. I love, love, love yogurt. Oh yeah, and scrambled eggs. No problem there, either.

DH insists on "cooked to death" veggies anyway, but I'll miss asparagus.

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