Hoop Jumping- The Phone Calls

You wouldn't think making appointments would be stressful, would you? Sometimes they aren't. Sometimes they are.

For instance --if you put aside my deserved needle phobia-- the recommended bloodwork lab I have used before has a website where you can schedule your appointment in advance. This is really helpful when you're going to get a fasting blood test at 6:45 AM with no coffee allowed. I don't have the brains God gave badly retarded rocks at that hour without caffeine. However, I'm happy to say I got an appointment at that ungodly hour for that reason, and on a day I'd have to be in that part of town anyway at a later and more decent hour. There will be plenty of time to fuel up on caffeine at a coffee shop before I shoot over to the next destination.

Best of all, I got the appointment on a day my DH usually has off. He'll be able to come with me, because I will have to be forcibly propelled through the door of the lab. Can't be helped. I don't fight, but I'm a terrified zombie from the moment I park the car. Maybe I'll be able to talk him into breakfast at IHOP. We haven't had many breakfast dates since I stopped working as a radio deejay.

The imaging lab for my digital mammography and liver sonogram wasn't able to schedule me on the same day for both tests. No problem. The liver function test will be next week, but I'll have to wait until early July for the mammogram. That was the first available appointment. Oh, well. I'm less concerned about my boobs. Doc C will just have to wait for those results, but she won't proceed with the bariatric surgery without the liver function info. Fair enough.

Finally on July 3, I'll go back to Doc C for a nice cozy full body exam and pap smear. Yes, that was sarcasm. Could be worse. I'd rather put my heels in the stirrups than put up with baring my soul to a shrink.

More as I think about it!


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