Heroin Wings plus a bonus way to make chicken broth

While I think these are good, the author swore they were addictive and that's why she gave them the name. I'll grant they are a treat, and the batch I made served me lunches for quite awhile. I recommend cutting off the wing tips and throwing them immediately into a small crock pot of water, celery tops you've saved for this, onion, a little salt, pepper, and a little poultry seasoning for easy homemade chicken broth. Then make the wings and know you've not wasted a bit of your precious money. After the broth has cooked, strain out the used veggies and bones. Let it cool in a bowl on the counter, stick it in the fridge, skim off the fat that hardens at the top, and measure into one cup increments. Store in the freezer until needed. I put them in 1 quart ziplock bags and freeze in square storage containers. That way, I can remove the storage containers after they're hard, and they still stack nicely in a corner.


Anonymous said…
Good Morning Lena,

How many wings is a serving size on this recipe?
100 calories for how many?

I have to admit I did not get a chance to make the cream cheese fluff dessert yet, but I will soon.

Thanks again for the wonder full recipes. Best wishes imaluckydog
Lena Austin said…
Good morning, Kathy. It's 100 calories per wing, which includes both the drumette and the ulna piece.

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