Breakfast for Dinner-- Baked Eggs (Lena's Lazy Eggs)

First, an explanation and elaboration. I love Baked Eggs, aka Shirred Eggs. They're easy, first and foremost. I keep a pile of custard cups around, as well as some cheap Corningware coffee mugs just so I can make baked eggs whenever I like. Custard cups work best, but when feeding a crowd, sometimes my little six cups just aren't enough! Thank goodness for Corningware!

Now take your basic Baked Egg recipe and put on your thinking caps. How do you like your eggs?

Me, I like a little meat, a little broccoli, a little bell peppers, and a whole lot of cheese with my eggs. DH likes onion, hash browns, cheese, and peppers on his. Dante likes his with a whole lot of veggies and a little deli turkey or ham.. DD3 likes hers Mexican style with chilies, olives, and Monterrey Jack cheese.

Drag out those leftovers, wield your chopping knife, and add what you want to your cups the night before! Put the egg in the cups in the morning, and throw them in the oven in the steam bath. Bake them up and sing, "Have it your way!" while you're at leisure. I've even put in some Bisquick drop biscuits in the oven first, then popped in the eggs while the biscuits cool. What could be easier?


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