Sugar Free Flavored Syrups make Low Carb Treats

Who says life must be dull and flavorless? Who says we can't have delicious low carb desserts? Whoever THEY are, they're WRONG! Dead wrong.

I use and recommend both DaVinci Sugar Free and Torani Sugar Free Flavored syrups.

Both can be found on the links section of this blog. Come on!! Are you craving ice cream or yogurts? You can have a very reasonable substitute in flavoring cottage cheese and plain yogurt. Go ahead. Mix up a pina colada yogurt using pineapple and coconut syrups and adding a sprinkle of Splenda.Add nuts. Almonds are low carb, too!

Do you miss your Starbucks? Why don't you mix your own? I can have a sugar free White Chocolate coffee anytime I want using the syrup. Did you know whipping cream has even less carbs than milk? Go ahead and indulge in that morning brew. Just make it yourself and pocket what you didn't spend at Starbucks.

Flavored teas? Same thing. Ordinary instant tea powder, a little Splenda, and a teaspoon of flavored syrup in a whole teapot, and you're transported to Nirvana for pennies. I'm a writer. I spend hours at my desk, so a teapot on a heating pad (yeah, from the can do more than warm an aching muscle, you know) can keep my fingers warm and flying until the muse lets me go.

And now...for the Ultimate in Versatility using Sugar Free Syrups...

Go back and look at my posting on Impossible Cheesecake. (October 21, 2008) Think again, adding all those flavors of syrups for no additional "charge" on the carbs!! White Chocolate! Raspberry! Kahlua! Peanut Butter! Irish Creme! Mango! Lime! Is your mind scintillating with the champagne of possibilities?

Think of the holiday treats now within your grasp. I've posted how many delicious low carb recipes that can be changed with the mere alteration of flavor? Think of the plain chocolate sugar free pudding mousse, now elevated to sublime with Irish creme for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebration, or perhaps you'd like the butterscotch pudding enhanced with a few drops of English Toffee syrup?

Plain Knox gelatin mixed with your own flavoring, perhaps? What would you create? Jigglers for Mommy to nibble upon?


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