Make Peace with the Mayo and Make Your Own Mayonnaise

Okay, if you're on a low carb diet, I'm sure you've now seen that regular old mayonnaise is lower in carbs than the so-called "light" mayo. (Hey, they took out the fat, so they had to put sugar in to compensate.) Perhaps this is why when I followed slavishly the "diet rules" and ate only "diet foods" I actually gained weight!

Making my own mayonnaise to eliminate all those interesting and unpronounceable chemicals the commercial producers put in seems like the logical next step in my freedom from fat. Here's my recipe for mayo, done with several common kitchen appliances. (I'll be using the food processor, but you can use what you have, okay?) I can't wait to try these!


Pat said…
Making your own mayonaise sounds simple enough, most of the ingredients are on my shelf will have to pick up some dry mustard.Thanks for sharing,
Lena Austin said…
It is simple! I've made my own mayo, but it was a few years ago. I remember how wonderful it tasted, and how it made some really fantastic salad dressings. I'll be posting those dressing recipes on Feb 9.

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