Stuffed Mushrooms

Nothing like the good old red and white Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks when I need a simple, old-fashioned recipe for the classics like stuffed mushrooms. Here's some goodies guaranteed to make a great bandster lunch. Imagine this on a portobella mushroom!

You may want to make your own mix, and don't forget to substitute ground up fried pork skins for the bread crumbs for even less carbs. I find bags and bags of the pork skins on the same aisle as potato chips, and they're so useful to keep around! I've been known to measure out a serving just to have a bit of crunch while everyone else snacks, so I don't feel deprived. However, their best use is when you grind them in the food processor and keep them around to replace those carb-laden bread crumbs. 


Lena Austin said…
Report on Stuffing a portobello mushrooms with the ham mix. I'll happily do this again! Talk about a meal for a bandster.

Where I buy my portobello mushrooms, they come two to a package. I fill them both, and cook them both, but immediately put one in a storage container in the fridge for later consumption.

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