Homemade Salad Dressings-- Take out the Carbs and leave the Flavor!

In the same way as my comments on Feb 4 concerning mayonnaise, the same thing has happened in the salad dressing market. The so-called "diet" dressings can be higher in sugar and carbs because they're supposed to be lower in fat. Yet at the same time, the "regular" dressings are so loaded with chemicals and preservatives as well as carbs, the choices are very limited unless you like vinaigrettes. I happen to like creamy dressings, though I've learned that dipping my fork into a small cup of 2 T of dressing (average serving size on bottled dressings) and then stabbing a forkload of salad means I get a much tastier mouthful than pouring the dressing over the top and hoping it's still around when I get to the last fork full.

Imagine having fresh dressings to dip your veggies into, and I don't mean just for a bowl of salad. Imagine taking a small sealed container of this with some celery, green pepper strips, and fresh broccoli when you need a snack. YUM! Just look at those variations. Want to bet those 1-1.5 cups you made don't last more than a few days? Now think about making your own mayonnaise and ratcheting the flavor to Wow!


Dinnerland said…
Thanks for sharing the recipes!! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog... DL
Lena Austin said…
My pleasure, DL! I'll be posting several new ones a little later.

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