Results of First Doctor Visit are Positive

Well, the good doctor has once again proven to me why I like her so much. She’s on my side and promises to make me jump through as few hoops as possible. I took the fussing out she gave me meekly. I deserved it because I’d not gotten a test she felt very important to my continued good health – a liver function test. It’s a sonogram, so I have no good excuse why I didn’t go. Probably forgot about it, to be honest.

No matter. I’ll go with good spirits now to the (dreaded) blood test, mammogram (it’s that time of year, so may as well get it done, and the digital one is almost comfortable) and liver function test. I’ll get the blood test over as quickly as possible, just to ease my stress. The other two, I’ll try to schedule simultaneously since they’re done at the same location.

Doc C however is adamant about one thing. She insists on the lap-band surgery. She is most emphatic that lap-band is safer, heals faster, and is reversible in the event of emergency. Would I prefer the more permanent Roux en Y? Yes. However, my insurance stated specifically the lap-band, and I may be stuck with what I can get.

Which surgery I get is less important to me than getting bariatric surgery in the first place. The fact that Doc C is on board and more than willing to help me is a great comfort. She agrees absolutely and without reservation that many of my current illnesses and problems are directly related to my obesity. She agrees I’ve played the diet games, seen the dietician, tried the pills, and subjected myself to the less than tender mercies of the medical profession will little result.

So, for now I jump through hoops. Tomorrow I make the appointments. My mantra will be, “Yes, Doctor” for as long as I can stand it.


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