One-der-Land, Dead ahead!!

Just last week I went to the doc and he gleefully reported I'd lost TEN pounds! Yes!!! With all three of my darlings DH, DD, and Dante all at work, I'm not tempted anymore. With an official 215 lbs logged, I felt I was well on my way. (My scale at home reads about 7 lbs lighter, so I just add 7 to what I see at home.)

After two days of being ill, I stepped on the scale this morning. My heart stopped. Did my scale read 203?? Really? Okay, add the 7...210!! Another five pounds gone. Yes!! (Dancing in a weak, falling up against the wall sort of way)

I can see One-der-land now. (For those that don't know, One-der-land is when you weigh under 200 lbs, as in one-hundred-and--anything) I haven't seen One-der-land in twenty years. Can I have an Un-birthday party when I make it there?

I'll tell you what has worked--my food diary. Keeping it throughout the day makes sure I budget those precious carbs so I'm not chewing on bacon and cheese while everyone else enjoys the dinner I cooked. Like tonight.

I'm cooking beef heart. Oh, don't look like that. It's good, and it's cheap. It's also a tasty organ meat alternative to liver. We only have one liver recipe we tolerate in this household, and it's expensive carb-wise. Beef heart, cooked exactly like a pot roast, is a tasty alternative that even picky DH eats. At half the price of a chuck roast, it's well within even our tight budget. Try it. Just treat it exactly like a pot roast. Really.


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