Recipe: Steak and Spinach Pinwheels

We just had this last night, and everyone raved!

Ladies and gents, this is much easier than it looks. The most difficult part is using the meat mallet to pound on it. It's noisy, but gets out your frustrations! I do recommend setting the spinach to drain first. Lay out all your ingredients and pre-measure to save time and trouble. I baked my bacon at 375F that morning and let them drain and cool all day. By the time I waltzed into the kitchen to cook dinner, most of the hard work was done. Assembly was nearly effortless. 
However, my flank steak was a fairly large one. Using the broiler only meant it was still rare in the center, and my DH prefers well done. If your family doesn't like rare to very rare, I suggest a half an hour in the oven before popping your pinwheels under the broiler. 

For a bandster, these things are two meals, so go ahead and cut yours in half before serving the family. If you're smart, you'll be wise to hide that half you're saving. My DH came into the kitchen after finishing his portion and absconded with my saved half!


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