You don't have to be Fancy to be Good

Yesterday was One of Those Days. You know the kind I mean, where it seemed the whole world conspired to ensure you couldn't get anything done? Many of you know I'm an ardent fan of (Go on, go look. It's okay. I'll wait.) Thank goodness for those lessons on management. I'd already done my 5 Minute Room Rescue, done my Mission, and had shined my sinks. I'd even managed a little control of a large Hot Spot. (Yes, I'm deliberately using the jargon to make you look it up.)

You see, this isn't all about cooking and recipes. Occasionally, it's about stopping to take stock and overcome a challenge. My weight loss challenge lately has been about learning new coping mechanisms. Before, when I was morbidly obese, I coped by consoling myself with food. I lied to myself and said I was providing comfort and love via food to my family like a good GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) do. Liar, Liar!

Now that I'm much thinner and healthier, I still suffer from stress, but now I have to deal with the stress instead of hiding from it. I'm learning Perfection (or being Fancy, as they say down here) isn't necessary or even desirable. My family are a lovable bunch of slobs. They work hard at dirty jobs. They come home sweaty and filthy. They want to take off their steel toes as soon as they walk in the door, and the most they'll do is wipe their feet on the mat. My perfectly clean house becomes a bit dirtier every evening while they look at their mail, read their books, and DH smokes his pipe. Forget it.

Last night I got a compliment. "I always feel good when I come home. You don't fuss at me to immediately take a shower or come in via the back door so I don't walk on your clean carpets. Dinner smells good, and you're smiling and pretty. We may not have much, but what we have is wonderful."

Well, last night I'd given up on a perfect meal. We had a recipe I've posted before because it was quick and easy. I was tired and stressed because the power had been out for awhile because of storms. That compliment made my day and made me realize I don't have to be Fancy anymore.


Band Groupie said…
OK, that was the BEST compliment ever! I've been working on not sweating the 'clean' too much...spend more time with the kids, this summer, backfired...DS2 decided the kitchen was 'getting messy' the other day and proceded to clean it right down to mopping the floor...poor kid...I think he got my 'almost OCD' gene.

Oh, and I'm going to start the proposal when I'm, the book isn't done, but I know I'm at a point that I could finish it in a time frame. I'm collecting 'proposal writing' tips now...when you've got any? ;-)
Band Groupie said…
Ooops, I forgot the other comment...I'm now collecting your 'crock pot' recipes and I'm going to try some this fall...a crock pot is about my level of cooking LOL. Keep 'em coming!

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