More exercise results

Okay, I have to say Angela Knight was right. (See her post, Half of Me.) Since my pal Karen and I started exercising on a regular basis, both of us are doing much better health-wise. Karen is ready for her surgery to reverse her temporary colostomy while she recovered from diverticulitis.

For me, it's even better. I'm not dropping a lot of weight, but that's all to the good. A pound or two at a time is just fine by me. The big change is my endurance walking and the way my clothes fit. Sure, I'm sore as heck the next day, but I'm better about the *way* I walk. Before, I had started to develop that rolling walk badly overweight get, and I felt like I should be on the heaving deck of a pirate ship or something. Now I'm walking with my back straight and more confidently. I almost feel normal!

This weekend, I went through Jo-Ann Fabrics like a woman on a mission without having to stop and rest. I got everything I needed and came home without needing a nap afterward. What a great feeling!!

To top it off, I helped Dante clean out our laundry room and turn the large portion into a crafting room. It was hot and tiring, but I lugged boxes and hauled carpeting out with Dante. This is a huge improvement over my sitting in the rocker and directing him to do it all for me because I couldn't muster the energy for more than a few minutes of work. Wow!! I'm so proud.

Tomorrow, Karen comes over here. If my paycheck comes in today, maybe we'll try to make it all the way to Wal-Mart and back. That's the first of our big goals. Next up is walking to a dollar store not far from Karen's place.

I've got to learn to walk. With gas prices these days, walking to Wal-Mart for groceries may become a necessity. I may even have to learn to ride public transport all the way to Jo-Ann's and Michael's. Seems so silly to drive around like I do. Now I feel like I could walk to the bus stop and ride.


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