A Lesson Learned about Snacking

Sometimes it's better to give in to a snack craving than fight. Today, I craved a sweet the way a man in the desert craves water. Yeah, I know that was my carb addiction talking.

I could have shut the craving up with a small bit of cheesecake, if I took the time to make it. Instead, I foolishly tried to follow the old Atkins system of taking a serving of peanut butter (11g) to 'hold me over' until dinner. No dice. In fact, I was stupid enough to leave the jar sitting here on my desk next to me. Another spoonful followed the first. Then the guilt set in. I've now consumed a whopping 22g of carbs when a bit of cheesecake would have been a mere 11g, and I'd be more satisfied.

So, to circumvent this problem from going any further, I'm going to go make that cheesecake and wrap individual servings up in ziploc bags. That way, when I get a serious craving, I'll have something on hand to appease the monkey on my back.

So, I posted the recipe first. Now to go make it.



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