A Visit with the Dietitian

What I learned today? Quite a bit actually. I learned that Xenical is a fat-affecting weight loss drug. I learned that I will be on two days of the liquid diet just before my surgery and it will be all clearly liquids including bouillon. I can use the carb counter book that I already have to determine that I do not exceed 30 carbohydrates-excuse me, non vegetable-carbohydrates. Strangely enough, these non-vegetable carbohydrates include corn, peas, cheese, fruit, and dairy.

The dietitian did give a wonderful piece of advice that I have already begun to employ called "eat across the plate" which is to eat your protein first, your vegetables second, and anything that might contain carbohydrates dead last. This technique works! Because the only thing on my plate originally was my pork chops, I consumed them first and was less hungry by the time I started working on my vegetables, which did contain some minor amounts of carbohydrates.

I also learned where I was making my mistakes in my previous attempts to go low-carbohydrates. I was drinking my carbohydrates. I was not counting the carbohydrates in my creamer, for example.

I will also have to work considerably on talking with my doctor and pharmacist about cutting or crushing my prescription medicine. Also she is recommended to begin taking a certain multivitamin is available in the chewable form as well as a calcium chewable.

Finally she gave me her e-mail. Now that's the dietitian I can work with!


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