Stress management

When I first began my journey toward having a LapBand, I was told an odd fact: a fair percentage of bandsters often end up with other issues such as alcoholism. I thought that rather odd, and considered myself very well-adjusted. I couldn't imagine developing such a horrible problem back then.
I can now. What's more, I now understand why.
I'm  a stress eater. When I get under stress, I run to the refrigerator, not a bottle. That is, I did until I was banded. While I can still swallow those naughty treats, I don't keep many around anymore. Even ice cream, which slides past my band like it wasn't even there isn't available as much anymore, long as I avoid temptation while in the grocery store. 
But where does that leave me when under stress? I don't smoke. I can't eat sweets and junk because I don't keep them around the house. Booze? Yes, it's here. I keep a small stock for cooking. 
Now I can see how some bandsters, deprived of their usual comforts when under stress, turn to booze. Oh, yeah. I have to admit, thanks to recent events here at home, I've had a few glasses of wine and actually considered going for the (yuk!) bourbon. I hate bourbon. But I was desperate for any tranquilizing feel-good effects.
Okay, so clearly that's why my doctor has a shrink on staff. She may spot potential issues like OCD, or stress management issues long before they become irrepairable. I can see that now. Scary. Very scary.

Lena Austin



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