The Bikini NSV

Just a quick little note, I promise. After trying on one of my old bathing suits (the ugly black maillot style that they give to fat women) and having a good laugh, I knew it was that horrible time--bathing suit shopping. My daughter suckered me again! We were in Wal-mart and I made the mistake of mentioning how bad my old bathing suit fit.

"You mean the black gag bag?" My daughter has never hidden her contempt for the black maillots I once sported.

Honey, let's be honest. Black isn't slimming when you wear all black all the time. All you're doing is announcing to the world that you're fat. Black is the uniform of the fat woman, especially in summer. Get real and get some color in that wardrobe.

Anyway, I'm now the appalled (What have I done?) owner of an electric blue string bikini, size 17. (gulp!) Yes, it fits.


A string bikini? Pretty daring, but good for you girl!
Band Groupie said…
I'm SO proud of you!!! What have we done...lost our minds along with the fat?!! Bikinis!!! I think that's a prerequisite for living in FL though! Awesome job GF!!
Lena Austin said…
I know! I keep looking in the mirror saying, "What are you thinking? You're over 50 for goodness sake!"

I love my bikini though, even if I only wear it in the backyard.

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