Fw: Cake in a Cup

Subject: Cake in a Cup
Here is the recipe for you to send out to 'The Troops'…
In a large ziploc bag (or other suitable container) mix and store:
·       1 package Angel Food cake mix
·       1 package regular cake mix (any flavor)
When the "sweet tooth" craving hits, mix in a coffee cup, ramekin (or other suitable container):
·       1/3 cup cake mix
·       3 tablespoons water
Stir well, microwave for 90 seconds and enjoy! OMG!! So good!
3 PointsPlus
Add to recipe as desired – but don't forget to factor in those extra points.
·       Add pineapple ring, diced apple or other item(s) prior to adding the mix
·       Add a caramel Hershey's Kiss for a 'molten lava' center <2 more points>
·       Vanilla, maple or other flavored extract


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