Done with the First Set of Hoops!

Hooray!! When I stepped on the scale at the doc's, I've lost 5 pounds since July 3. I still have a BMI of 40+, but anything I can do to be healthier is worth the trouble. All I've done is keep walking with my friend Karen and drink more water. I'm trying to stick to my old tried and true Food Mover but I'm not beating myself up when I have an extra ounce of meat. The Food Mover was the *only* weight loss plan where I lost more than 50 pounds, so that's the plan that worked for me. (More on that tomorrow.)

At last, my doc has ordered the referral to a bariatric surgeon. (Happy Dance) First set of hoop jumping completed. What a relief.

Now I know I'll have to jump through the surgeon's hoops. It's understandable that he'd want me to see a shrink to make sure my head is screwed on straight, that I'm committed, and he won't have a failure if he can help it. I get that. I'll play along.

At least I possibly won't have to have another frigging sonogram of my belly since I just had the CAT scan of the entire gastro-intestinal region when they checked for diverticulosis. Apparently, the anti-biotics in the past two weeks worked, so I won't complain.

Now I have to wait for the approval of referral to come in the mail. (sigh) I must be patient.



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