More on the Food Mover

I don't know if anyone is even looking at this blog, but just in case I'll post more about my beloved Food Mover. This is a plan that makes sense, because it's based on what diabetics have to do --manage portions and overall intake. That's it. No weirdness, no trying not to eat carbs.

Here's how it breaks down. I'm 5'7", and so I should weigh between 135-172. Since I weigh 279, that means I have at least 100 pounds to go. (Frightening, isn't it?)

The little chart in the instruction book says that I should be using the 2000 calorie card in the Food Mover, so I know how many windows to close every day. EAch window represents one selection from a particular food group. There's another little booklet that contains my choices, separated by food groups. If there are four windows with chicken legs in them, then I get four selections of proteins a day. My choice, as long as I also do portion control. (C'mon, this isn't rocket science.)

When all the windows are closed on my Food Mover, I'm done eating for the day. I know I met my body's nutritional needs, but it's balanced. I have to eat my veggies! I have to drink my windows of water too. There are a few freebie foods, like pickles, but you can't have too much. All things in moderation. Makes sense to me.

As I lose weight, I change out the cards to match my new caloric needs. If I close every window on my Food Mover, I've done the best I can do for my body. I've drank eight glasses of water, I've exercised, and I took a vitamin. I've eaten what I'm supposed to eat in the portions that are good for me. (No pigging out on a big bowl of ice cream, but I can have a little if I have dairy, fat, and fruit windows available. This isn't difficult.)


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