Cynnara's Solution

Okay, I'm gonna bitch a minute about doctors and their seeming inability to communicate with one another.

My pulmonist put me on Coumadin, a blood thinner. I was told to never have green vegetables again, and therefore gained forty pounds without my salads, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. Yep, I love my greens. Later, this was modified that I was allowed a salad or maybe a helping of something green on weekends. Is it any wonder I gained forty pounds?

Naturally, my PCP (primary care physician) freaked at my annual checkup. My cholesterol was through the roof and I walked the thin line to being a pre-diabetic, not to mention my BMI was now in the "dangerously obese" category. (No shit, honey. Go talk to my pulmonist.) After one year of seeing a dietician, the cholesterol nazi they have in their office putting me on a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet (still no greens), and more sticks with a needle than I care to dream about, I've lost only twenty pounds. Did I mention how expensive fish and seafood are and how sick I am of chicken after one year?

I'm still dangerously obese, so now I'm packed off to the bariatric surgeon. Well, after a hellish experience even getting in the door, I'm told to prepare for my new life by going on the Atkins diet. It took me a week of studying the Atkins diet to realize I was in the middle of a raging conflict. Let's recap:

1. Pulmonist -- No green vegetables, or at least in very, very limited quantities.
2. PCP-- low fat, low cholesterol diet. Ordered to eat lots of chicken and seafood I can't afford and my husband won't eat anyway.
3. Bariatric-- Atkins Diet -- extreme reduction of carbs, eat lots of veggies, fat and proteins.

Do you see the conflict here? If I obey all the doctors orders, I'm limited to poultry, fish, and a short list of non-green vegetables that are not also high in carbs. Yum, yum. NOT!


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