Permission Granted! OMG!

Yesterday, I went to my pulmonologist with a chip on my shoulder. I was tired of trying to lose weight without eating green vegetables -- a nearly impossible task, let me tell you! I was determined to get her to agree to up my Coumadin dose to compensate for my new Atkins diet, since the bariatric surgeon ordered it.

As usual, doc was late. I expect to spend time in the waiting room and more time in that exam room every time I visit. This time wasn't so bad. She was only about 30-45 minutes late. I've waited twice that in those claustrophobic rooms.

After the usual preliminaries by the nurse, doc finally arrived. She was very pleased with me. My CPAP machine for my sleep apnea reports I have no incidents while using the machine, making me a model apnea patient. I sing the praises of a CPAP machine to anyone and everyone who'll listen, so this is no surprise.

The big shocker came when I explained the conflict between all my doctors and the need for green veggies. Doc nodded and agreed! Just like that. I've promised to come back and see her next week to get a PT/INR reading so we know how to adjust my Coumadin. That's it.

Needless to say, I'm really working on lowering my carb intake now and pigging out on green veggies like there will be a shortage tomorrow. LOL!


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