Day 11--It's the Small Things

Wow, it's only 8 AM on a Monday, and I'm already experiencing the effects of being banded. First, I awakened on my stomach. As a tummy sleeper, finding myself comfortable in that position was a huge relief. I stretched until I felt my back do the Rice Krispie "snap, crackle, pop!" Whew! I've needed to do that for a long time.

I was also incredibly thirsty. I think I may already be less in need of my CPAP machine. Perhaps I'd better make an appointment with the specialist for more than a little finger stick this time. I'd love to get rid of the CPAP. It's been a friend who kept my marriage and heart from failing, but I'd really like to not be Darth Vader at night.

Shower time! I'm normally a "quickie" bather. Get in, get out. But today, I looked down and wondered if I might be able to reach my toes without using a stool to prop my feet on. So, I bend down, soap laden scrubbie in hand, and washed my feet! I did a toe touch! Then I almost palmed the shower floor! Holy moley! It's been two years since I could do that!

I'm growing my hair out. You'd never know from the picture I display, but for the past couple of years, my hair has been close-cropped to my head. With all the hospital time and medications, the shoulder-length hair I prefer was a serious problem. So, I chopped it off. A cap of curls was much cooler and easier. Now, I'm growing my hair again. It feels so weird to actually comb wet hair and wonder if I'll sport bangs today or get it out of my face.

I gave away almost all my clips, clamps, and ponytail bands. All I have left is one brown clamp and one black leather rose ponytail band. Guess I'd better build up the collection.

Later, after I've written a bit on my latest book, I think I'll take a break and go through all my sewing patterns. My Dante is a part-time tailor, and he's about to lose his mind in his eagerness to dress me up like a life-sized Barbie doll. (sigh) The big nut case dragged me out to the sewing area yesterday and presented his grand scheme for my complete new wardrobe. I almost ran screaming. LOL! Guess I'd better get used to it.


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