Day 7 After Banding-- A Clothes Conundrum

OMG, more weight has fallen off me like I’m a melting snowman or something. For the first time in at least two years, when I stepped on my bathroom scale I didn’t have to do the math: “Hmm…Okay, when it passes the zero, that’s 260…so add what the scale says to 260…”

The scale says I weigh 257 lbs as of this morning. That’s still a significant loss since my banding.

Call me vain, but I’m most concerned about my clothes. I’m still swollen enough to need my “fat clothes” yet they hang off me like a clown suit anywhere but up front. Perhaps I’d better take a bit more time choosing my outfit today, since I have a visit with Dr. Baptista and a weigh-in.

I’d love to wear a certain suit I’ve not put on my body in two years, but I’m scared of being disappointed and humiliated again. Last time I tried to don this beloved denim suit, I couldn’t slide the pants past my thunder thighs, and the duster couldn’t get around the granny flab in my upper arms.

(sigh) Maybe I’d better resign myself to a personal fashion show with three piles: 1) Too big, 2) Too Small, and 3) What do you mean it fits?


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