Day 12 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fridge

Tonight I cooked a meal I couldn't have: pork chops with an apricot sauce, despite the fact it's low carb. My healing isn't done, and even chicken still presents difficulties passing the stoma. While my DH and roomie attacked the "normal" food, I hummed happily and turned to the fridge to find some mushies.

Then I stopped.

I was shocked to realize I wanted the veggies, but no meat. Was I nuts? Didn't I want a nice juicy slab of animal? Uh, no. Not really. I pondered this while I pulled out the kale, rutabaga, and broccoli I'd cooked a couple of days ago, deliberately overcooking them to the correct "mushie" stage.

Tsking over the limp and soggy state of the broccoli, I chose it first. Zapped in the microwave, that serving lasted me about the same amount of time as the guy's massive portions. (I'm really getting into this serving myself a la russe --one course at a time.)

The guys piled back into the kitchen and scooped great big second helpings while I daintily picked up the kale and warmed it in the microwave. Dante, my roomie, helped himself to a bit of the kale with me, but my carnivore husband disdained the veggies.

By the time I'd finished my "dessert" of mashed rutabaga with a bit of Splenda Brown, the guys were burping and patting their stomachs happily. (snicker) Yes, they're both "manly men." They show appreciation by acting like apes.

I'm still a bit surprised at myself four hours later. If I'd wanted protein, there's eggs, cottage cheese, tuna, and even some Spam. (It's a mushie meat that passes my stoma. Compared to chicken, it slides down easy.) I don't want it. I'd better think about a protein drink or something.


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