For Dieters: Recipe-- Pudding Whip

Yes, it's strange to think about. Trust me. It's good! I do recommend taking your time with whipping the pudding. Get it very thick, but not set. (A spoon drawn through the mix leaves an impression, but it's still not solid.) Beat with an electric mixer until mixture is fluffy and thick, about double in volume. (If you chill the beaters, this works well) I just throw the beaters in the fridge before starting the recipe.
This trick is also great for just using with molds without the recipe below. You end up with a frothy, lightweight dessert you can add a few berries to, and top with Cool Whip Free for a spectacular warm weather dessert. I happen to own a pile of molds (I'm a collector) so for me, this is a fast trick to make plain old Jello look special.
Non-dieters: If you happen to have a graham cracker crust pie shell, you can also pour the whipped Jello into the shell and let it chill that way.
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Lena Austin

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