I Found My Goldilocks Zone

Well, I think it's clear I've found my personal diet Golidlocks Zone. I've been logging less than 1400 calories and less than 30g total carbs since mid-November and the weight is coming off at a nice even pace, an average of about two pounds or more a week. Not bad for most of that time period including two birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

It's not too much where I don't lose, and not so little that I can't maintain the lifestyle. A lot of that has to do with SavingDinner.com and I admit it. Without my subscription to the Low Carb Menu plan, I'd be lost. Instead I'm eating marvelous low carb meals with side dishes like Turnip Fries and Faux-tay-toes Deluxe. Sure, I have to cook an extra carb loaded side dish for DH and Dante, but I don't mind that one little bit.

Funny thing is, DH occasionally looks up from his devouring of the dinner to ask, "Are you sure this is healthy stuff? It tastes too good to be diet!" Now that's a compliment.


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