I have THE DATE!

My lap band surgery will take place on January 2!! Yes, I'm thrilled. The round of doctor and lab visits has already begun, with happy results.

If ever there was a case for getting a new bathroom scale, yesterday was it. My bathroom scale says I weigh 280 lbs in the morning. Yesterday at my pulmonologist's office --I'll go into why I was there in a minute-- I used their fancy calibrated scale and it read 275 lbs in the afternoon! Who am I to argue with that??? I've lost 11 pounds!

My own diet, which I call The Goldilocks Zone diet, is working for me. It's hell on earth and very restrictive, but it works where all else has failed. I'll chatter more about it when I get time to type on Sunday.

Why was I at my pulmonologist's? Because of the surgery. I'll take blood thinners for the rest of my unnatural life because I have the genetic predisposition to DVT. This means to have any surgery, I have to stop the Warfarin pills and use a subcutaneous shot in my belly. Not thrilling, to say the least! However, I've come this far. I may be shaking with terror at the thought, but no one can say I wasn't warned this would happen. I've known for months this day would come where I'd have a prescription in hand for hypodermics to take to the pharmacy. I'll shake like a leaf, but I'll do my best to get the stuff home before I have a panic attack from being within five feet of hypodermics I *know* are for me.

The good news is that I don't have to suffer nearly as long as I was first told. I don't have to start the shots until two days before my surgery! Wooohooo!! I'll take the shots only until the doc says, and he could say I can return to the Warfarin immediately after surgery if all goes well.

In the meantime, I'm a busy gal. Lab work on the 18th, pre-op visit with the surgeon on the 22nd, the holidays, EPPIE judging, and the list goes on.



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