The First Weekend Eating Out

This weekend was a "road test" for my new lifestyle. Friday I went with a local quilting guild to St. Simon's Island for a once-a-year event/sale on special quilting fabrics. Naturally of course, we had to sample the local restaurants. and this year was seafood! I was smart enough to choose an appetizer only, a 5 oz chunk crab cake with no naughty breading or fillings. I only ate half and asked for a box. It's still in the fridge.

Then yesterday, I was a very naughty girl. Dante and I went to the Hoggestown Medieval Faire in Gainesville. We left early, but in a bit of a rush, so no breakfast. Dante insisted we stop at a McDonalds for a quick bite. (sigh) I should have ordered one of the "breakfasts" and eaten just the sausage and eggs. No, I was weak. I hadn't had an Egg McMuffin in years, and couldn't resist. (flogging myself for my crime) It took me close to an hour to eat the silly thing, but I did it. (Tsk! Tsk!) Now at the faire, I was better out of sheer guilt. When it was time for lunch, I chose a mere Scottish Egg and ate only half. Then I came home and served a proper low carb dinner. I still lost two pounds this week. Yay for me!

I get my first fill this week on Thursday!! Frankly, I'm terrified but looking forward to it simultaneously. I'm needle phobic, so fills will always be a trial for me. I will look forward to getting off these bandages and steri-strips left from the surgery. The doc sternly ordered me to let the bandages fall off naturally, but leave the steri-strips for him to remove, if possible. Nothing has fallen off, though they all look quite dilapidated. I feel a bit like an Egyptian mummy with bandages hanging off. Oh, well. the look matches my clothes, which are also hanging off me. LOL!

Next weekend Randy leaves for his three month orientation and training to work for Werner Trucking. I miss him already, and I have to admit I worry about what sort of mayhem Dante and I will get into without his steadying influence. However, we'll probably both lose weight. I love to cook for my darling DH, and so I tend to make him treats like his favorite Monkey Bread and fudge. I will immediately start a campaign to ensure there's no bread, cakes, cookies, sweets, pasta, or rice in the house to tempt us.


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