Food for Thought: Kitchen Clean Up plus a Free Lunch

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Food For Thought

Kitchen Clean Up
By Leanne Ely, C.N.C.

Dear Friends,

Life can be messy sometimes. If you think about it, some of the most enjoyable things in life are in fact quite messy. Think back to elementary school—finger painting, getting up to your elbows in squishy clay making a pinch pot for mom, playing on the playground getting sweaty and muddy…yes indeed life can be messy and sweaty even, but that's the fun part!

And then we grow up and want to avoid mess as much as we can. We don't like getting up to our elbows in anything. We try to steer clear of sweaty activities. Getting messy is clearly off the radar screen now.

Let's look at that a minute…why should it be so? This is when we had FUN! When you have fun and enjoy what you're doing, that's when it's no longer drudgery.

Cooking is one of those activities that is going to make some mess. The more you really cook, the more mess you're going to make. But the result? Delicious food, healthy stuff that took a little effort, a little mess and is healthier than just zipping open a box and adding water. Messy is worth it!

You can enjoy the mess without having to be up to your elbows in it! Here are 4 hints to keep your kitchen clean up quick and easy:

1)  Start with a clean kitchen. If it's a mess when you start, you're not going to be motivated to clean it up! But if it's clean, you've got a workspace now—a place to work. It's easier to clean up after one cooking session. Cleaning up after several is discouraging…keep up with your kitchen!

2)  Put away as you go. If you're measuring spices, go ahead and return the lid to the spice jar and put it away. It will take a split second and won't overwhelm you at the end of your cooking time if everything is left sitting out till you're done cooking.

3)  Clean as you go—keep a sink of hot soapy water to throw stuff in as you go. That way, nothing will adhere and make clean up longer. One exception though; don't throw knives in there, you don't want to get cut!

4)  Shine your sink! You know the drill! The kitchen is the heart of the home and the sink, well let's just say it's the centerpiece. If your sink is clean and shiny, the contagiousness of that pretty sink is going to spread to the counters and everywhere else! So listen to FlyLady and go shine your sink!

Cooking might be messy, but the results aren't! Go make a meal and keep these clean up hints in the back of your mind and see how much easier it is. Not only will clean up be a snap, but you'll enjoy making a mess and feeding your family!

Leanne (we have a great sale right now!)
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