Snacks- Veggie Chips

I'm an author. I need "thinking munchies" that don't cost me a ton of carbs and calories.

I'm going to give you another way of making chips, and one with a slight variation: vegetable chips! Veggie chips are great because you get more than just potatoes: any solid vegetable can be made into a chip! I made it with beets, zucchini, turnip, and carrot, and sweet potato (and a regular potato, just to be sneaky!) but you could use anything: parsnips, pepper, and anything else that can be sliced on a mandolin. I stared longingly at my cauliflower (my absolute favourite vegetable), but somehow I thought it might not work as well. There are a lot of summer vegetables that work very well with this recipe, but it would also be great in the doldrums of winter when all you have to eat is parsnip: hey, why not fry it?

This recipe involves frying instead of baking because lets face it: you want chips. You are in it for the fat and the salt. But with this recipe, you can do it on your own terms: the amount of salt and fat you want, without the preservatives.
Vegetable Chips
Serves 2
1 potato
½ a sweet potato
1 small turnip
1 beet
½ a large carrot (a larger carrot is easier to cut on the mandolin)
½ a small zucchini
Vegetable oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Slice your vegetables on a mandolin to the desired thickness. I like my chips a little bit thicker because I find the vegetables keep their shape a bit better and don't burn as easily, but you can definitely make them thin if you want. Be aware that a lot of the chips will shrink to about 1/3 of their size: so if it looks like you have way too many vegetables cut, you've probably got the right amount.

Put ½ an inch or so vegetable oil in a frying pan and turn the heat to medium. Place a single vegetable slice in the pan to see if the oil is hot enough. Cook each type of vegetable together, as you may have to change the temperature a bit for different vegetables. When the edges of the slices start to brown, flip them over. When they are nicely browned, take them out place them on a dish towel.

Fry the softer vegetables a second time. I found that the only one that really needed it was the zucchini, but if you like your chips super crispy then go ahead and fry them again!
Toss all of the chips in a bowl with salt and pepper. Then enjoy!


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