Pea Soup for Kathy

Kathy said:

Hi Lena, I am making a split pea soup this afternoon. It has been simmering for about an hour now almost done. Just wanted to know if you had a split pea soup recipe? I am kinda winging it. There is a recipe on the back of the pea package but I did not have all those ingredients. I have only been make my own food these days and I think it has helped my weight loss. I control the salt, sugar and fats in my recipes. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for all the quick and easy recipes. imaluckydog kathy
 Here's my best answer:

Pea soup is normally high in carbs, but there is a way to lower the carbs by substituting some of the peas with creamy peanut butter. I've not personally tried this, so that's a rumor right now. If anyone does try it, please let me know. In the meantime, here's my best split pea soup:

Whoops. Came out crooked. Fortunately, it's still legible. Frankly, I follow the package directions to reconstitute the peas the night before, let them sit overnight, then start up the recipe.  I use a ham bone or even a good previously roasted ham bone leftover from another meal.


Anonymous said…
Hi Lena,

You made my day ;-) Thanks you so much. I sampled my soup and it sure did need some FLAVOR. I think all I did was put a carrot and onion in and then reconstituted the dried peas! I think I can just add these other ingredients and maybe a little more stock and I will have a darn good tasting soup.

I feel home made foods are so much better for you.
It is still very cold in the Northeast and I just need something to warm my bones. I can't wait for spring.

I hear the birds this morning. Have a great day. Thanks again, imaluckydog
Lena Austin said…
Hope it helped, Kathy. Spring is late this year, even here in the Deep South.

I agree, homemade is much better. I know my chicken, turkey and beef broths are beyond simply "better."
Anonymous said…
Ok I made this soup and it was just GREAT! My daughter who does not like peas eat it. Thank you so much for the recipe help.

Tomorrow it my big day to visit NP and get weighed in.
I will also visit the nutritionist need to discuss options.
Banded 8 months bow. Have a warm and healthy day.
Love imaluckydog
Lena Austin said…
Hooray Kathy!! That's wonderful!

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