Weigh-in Day Nerves, Dairy, and 28 Days of Hell

I don't know why I'm nervous. I know --because my scale tells me so-- that I've not lost but a pound or two in the past month, and I think I know why.


Stress = Dairy.

I've waaaay overdone the dairy this month. I managed to stop being a cookie and cake hound, but the dairy downfall is still with me in times of stress. With DH out of work, we're stressed to the max at my house.

Whereas one month ago we were celebrating my daughter getting a job at long last, hard on the heels of that little party came the bad news-- furlough for Randy.

The last time he was out of work, we almost lost the house to foreclosure. This time, we may not lose the house, but we're now behind on the mortgage payments while I scramble to juggle all the bills. Without Susan generously giving us most of her paycheck and Randy's unemployment, we'd be sunk.

No matter how many times I tell myself that the house is just a thing you own and can be replaced, there's an emotional investment in something like a home. I planted my beloved roses, started a garden, and painted the windows with my stained glass art.

So...stress. Lots of stress. That means I --an admitted food addict-- eat. Some addicts do drugs, some drink alcohol. Me, I eat. I've tried to be good, so I ate dairy. However, I didn't watch my carb count and-- here's the ugly one-- it's bad for me.

I've been listening to my favorite nutritionist on BlogTalkRadio-- SavingDinner. Yeah, you're probably sick of hearing about Leeanne Ely. While I do think the woman has the best meal plans for low carb on the planet, I'm not a zombie. I've been suspicious of this new thing she's been touting -- The 28 Day Break Free Plan. So, I've been listening to Leeanne's BlogTalkRadio recordings by downloading the recordings and playing them while I work on promotions.

I was skeptical, big time. Okay, so Leeanne has found out she's "sensitive" (Not allergic. There's a difference) to certain foods like dairy and almonds. I was sorry for her, but I wasn't about to give up my dairy and almonds. Cheese and almonds are part of what keep me from killing the bored DH, right?

Then yesterday's show really made me think. Two of my daughters are ADHD and so is one of my grandsons. I worked very hard to keep them away from sugars, food dyes and other known triggers so they wouldn't bounce off the walls. They in turn have tried to be careful about this with their children. Then Leeanne and her guest blew my complacency out of the water-- milk and it's by-products convert to --here it comes! BLAM!-- complex sugars in the digestive tract.

Besides, they pointed out earnestly-- you are not an infant or a calf, so why do you need milk? You don't. Calcium can come from other sources with greater efficiency, like flaxseed, which is both fiber and calcium.

Then they really sank my battleship. I felt as if they dared me to listen to my body to determine if I too was sensitive. (sigh) So I did. Last night I indulged myself shamefully in a cream cheese and sour cream confection that substitutes well for ice cream. Half an hour after eating it, I felt slightly nauseous. In denial, I told myself I had just eaten too much and went to bed.

This morning, my face was blotchy and red. I'm a teeny bit bloated, and my scale says I gained a whole pound overnight despite being very careful about what I ate all week. (shifty eyes) Okay, except for last night.

Oh, damn. Okay, so I'm sensitive to dairy. (insert a stream of cursing here) I'll take my medicine like a good little bandster and go to the doc today repentant. I'll ask to see the nutritionist about the dairy and maybe even the shrink for a pep talk.

Then I think I'd better check out that Break Free Plan and maybe her blog. In the meantime while I check this out, you might want to listen to Leanne and her guest, JJ Virgin.



Lena Austin


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Band Groupie said…
I hope the scale is good to you, and sorry the stress is ramping up again! That's great that they have access to both the NUT and shrink ongoing!

This whole food thing is such a complex puzzle, but it sounds like you're putting the pieces together((hugs))
Anonymous said…
I love making my own foods thanks to you and your recipes and this 28 day plan is going to cost you money!! I just clicked on a few things and I owed them an arm and a leg. Yikkes

I think I will just stick to reading everyones blogs. Make my own food and feed myself what my body needs. My Nutritionist is paid by my insurance and I do not have to pay for a 28 day whatever (cleanse your pocket gimmick). Now maybe listening to her is different. We know what we have to do ;-)

Lena, You have done so well, and remember our bodies still have all those fat cells. They will never go away. They will always look for a way to fill up again. Our bodies will plateau, the choices we make are what will help us in the long haul. You can do it!

I have to go back this Monday the 22nd and I am making myself crazy about it. Plus they want me to talk to the newbies. I am scared to death. I am going to tell them about you and how you got me interested in cooking for myself again. I only eat the food I prepare cuz I know what is in what I make. imaluckydog who's cookie jar and pockets is empty too.I Love You Kathy
PS I love dairy I'm with ya on that one.
Lena Austin said…
I agree with Kathy on the costs. I don't mind paying for the Saving Dinner recipes. (I spend that much in cookbooks!)

After a night of reflection, I've decided I don't need another "diet plan" dream like I chased for years and years. My band is working, and if I obey the rules I lose weight. I'm already in sight of One-der-land and wearing a size 18. I don't need more than my health and that is back in my hands.

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