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St. Patrick's Day the Right Way. For  real home made brined corned beef, you need to get started soon, as you need around two weeks for the brining process.

Corned BeefSt. Patrick's Day is one of our favorite holidays here in Chicago, and not just because the river is dyed green.  With our long history in the meat industry, we love any holiday that traditionally features a giant piece of slowly marinated beef.  Sure, you can get pre-made or quick-cooking corned beef, but for the real thing, you need to start with good beef and let it brine until it's perfectly flavored and meltingly tender.  Our brine recipe will give you the best corned beef, whether you eat it straight, slice it into Reubens, or make it into hash.

strawberriesSpice CupboardIs your cinnamon old enough to vote?  Can you trace your vanilla bottle back to Cortez?  Time to clean out your spice cupboard! 

Your spices need the benefit of a spring cleaning just as much as the rest of your home. Many people are unaware that ground spices only have a one year shelf life. Why not take one of these dreary winter days and give your spice rack a well deserved make-over? 

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An Irish Feast

Potato Feast
If you've made your corned beef from scratch, why not round out your St. Patrick's Day Feast with other delicious Irish recipes?  We've got recipes for soda bread to start your meal, potato collops to accompany the beef, and chocolate whiskey cake to finish.

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Girl Bandit said…
A green cool. Just wanted to say the Carmelised pork was a hit...thanks....
Lena Austin said…
You're welcome GB! I've got a bunch of stuff planned and scanned, plus of course the weird stuff I find on the net now and then. Hehe!
Anonymous said…
Lena after reading GB's comment about the Caramelized Pork I had to go look for the recipe... I found it and went to the store. I had almost everything and just need to pick up a tenderloin.

I was sooooooo impressed with this recipe. EASY too. Most Excellent flavor and the sauce was so tasty my husband was looking for more. I may have to double the sauce part next time just for him. I was a little Freaked out by the Fuax - tay - toes, but I followed the recipe to the letter and I was so surprised at just how good they where. I am going to try them on my kids when they come home. When I took off the processor cover they even smelled like potatoes. OMG ..The texture I had to get used too, the taste is amazing. Both of these are keeper recipes for sure I will be making this one again. I made Tarter tots just in case my husband did not like the Fuax -tay- toes. He LOVED THEM.... It took me less than 30 minutes to make and serve the entire meal. Thank you Lena imaluckydog
Lena Austin said…
Amazing, isn't it Kathy? Yeah, I was more than a little dubious when I tried Faux-tay-toes the first time too. I was desperate to find some alternative to mashed potatoes for our holiday feasts, so I gave it a (literal) whirl in the food processor.

Surprise! Even my mom, who is the epitome of Southern Belle, pronounced them delicious. I nearly fainted from shock.

I can't wait to share a soup I just discovered! Slurping good! I'll try to type it up tomorrow before I leave for the weekend.
Anonymous said…
Hi Lena, I am making a split pea soup this afternoon. It has been simmering for about an hour now almost done. Just wanted to know if you had a split pea soup recipe? I am kinda winging it. There is a recipe on the back of the pea package but I did not have all those ingredients. I have only been make my own food these days and I think it has helped my weight loss.
I control the salt, sugar and fats in my recipes. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for all the quick and easy recipes. imaluckydog kathy

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