Almond Milk-- My new Almond Joy and Xylitol

Well, I found a few. I definitely found, bought, and tried the Almond Milk. Fiona Jayde was absolutely right. This stuff is great!

I am shocked and thrilled to report that ONE CUP is only 40 calories and 2 carbs. Needless to say, my little creamer pitcher is full so I can have as much coffee as I desire this morning without guilt or a red face. It doesn't really whiten my coffee's color, but it still mellows the flavor. Since I can't judge by color, measuring becomes more important than ever. That alone is ironic, since I have a whole cup to use.

DD and I had already tried Soy Milk, and were pleased with it. However, the carb and calorie count were less than 100 calories and 11 carbs for a cup. Susan really loves the vanilla, so she's willing to "pay" for the carbs. I'm not.

I'd also been less than thrilled to discover that all my favorite artificial sweeteners were less than good for me. (sigh) I've always believed in "better living through chemistry" so this is a hard one for me to let go. I checked the package labels for the ingredient list. When you'd have trouble pronouncing the ingredients, there's going to be trouble, according to the latest nutritional studies and Leeanne Ely. Well, I"m not saying Xylitol is any easier to pronounce, and I'm displeased to discover that the Xylitol sweetener (Brand name is Ideal) costs me three times the carb count for every serving. I'm reserving judgment on this one. I'm not convinced. Show me I can cook with this product and get the same results I get while using Splenda for Baking. That would impress me.

I'm still working up to the tofu thing. Soy Whipped Cream? Tofutti? Well, the Almond Milk worked. Oh, man! My DH is going to say nasty words...


Anonymous said…
Hi Lena, What brand name of Almond Milk did you like the best? Did you say the brand name???? I am going to look for it. Thanks again imaluckydog
Lena Austin said…
It was the same as a nut company-- Diamond, I think. Silk also makes one, and I like Silk.
There are so many good tasting soy products. Be brave and try some!

Nice blog. BTW, Drazil sent me!
Day Dreamer09 said…
Thank you, Weighting Around. I do love Silk Vanilla. I've just got to work up a bit of nerve.
Band Groupie said…
I gave you an award on my blog ;-)

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