Post-Doc Happiness

Hooray!! I may have only lost 2.6 lbs, but I lost 4 lbs of fat! Woohoo! Doc says it was probably water, and may be related to my dairy sensitivity.

Speaking of which, Sarah T, the nutritionist at Dr. Baptista's, has asked me to keep my food journal and especially mark carefully all uses of dairy. She's suspecting that it's not lactose intolerance but something more specific. Meanwhile, I've noted every drop. Even more than two ounces of half-n-half in my coffee makes my face red. Hmmm...

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Anonymous said…
Happy Happy Happy for you. imaluckydog Kathy
Anonymous said…
My NUT says I too have to log every morsel. I use light cream and she wants me off it I think? That will be hard for me. I had whipped cream today for the first time and it was ugly I tell you ULGY!!

I am going to note everything too, I will be interested in hearing what your NUT says. Hum This is interesting. Oh Happy day. Best wishes inaluckydog

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