Dairy Update-- Fiona Jayde to the Rescue!

Turns out my friend and fellow author Fiona Jayde is lactose intolerant.I'm already on the detox (notice the similarity to low carb?)

Here's what Fiona said:

Dood - I SOO understand. Here's a couple of tips if you're interested:

Use Almond Milk in any recipe that calls for milk.It makes slightly denser things (like waffles or whatnot) but it tastes very much like regular milk.

For butter - use Earth Balance - looks the same tastes the same.

Tofutti makes terrific products from cream cheese to sour cream - and while its not quite the same, its absolutely doable. Hubby makes me  dairy free cheesecake with Soy Whipped Cream and Toffuti Cream Cheese. Its not the same as the real thing, but I'll take it.
(At this point any dairy I eat will form a knot in my gut)

My diet is basically a "detox diet" - no diary, no yeast no sugar. I cheat on the sugar part, but I've had no yeast or dairy (that I know of) since November, and I'm seeing a marked difference in my health.


Fiona Jayde


Anonymous said…
Nice tips and names of new products I will look for at the market. I read every label and shop around.
Thanks for the excellent information. I'm a believer.....

I made Julia Child's Potato Leek Soup page 37 from Mastering the Art of French Cooking this morning, Lets say I'm in heaven. No, I'm not going to cook and blog like the movie but this soup is a winner, just add protein LBers dream come true. Best wishes.

Lena Austin said…
I love Leek Soup! Thanks for the reminder. Hmm! I'll have to hunt a low-carb version up. I know I can't have potatoes. I wonder if I could substitute cauliflower?

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